„Sanna H.“ - The art


I have been a creative person for my whole life.

It started at daycare, continued through schools and through my spare time, later it became part of my work as Management Assistant in Advertising.

I attended several courses, painting in oil, pastels, aquarel. Not my cup of tea and I felt pretty desoriented with my art for years.

After a break from painting and moving to Finland, I attended a Vedic Art course and since that course, I've found my artistic way, my own style, my own signature.

All paintings on this site not planned „big time“, usually I have some sort of picture in my mind about 1 day beforehand, but it can also happen that within 1 hour I have the vision of a painting. As soon as the vision appears, the finger start itching, sometimes so badly that I won‘t find sleep until I have at least started to fulfill that craving.

Those paintings are the expression of my soul, my inner self, what and how I see myself, feel myself, during that process of creativity. Sometimes I start with the vision in my head and during the process it happen that the vision clearly changes, so does the painting. It also happens, that I even paint it over again and create something even better, something new.

So, I‘ll lay out my soul on Canvas, open to read for those who can and who are supposed to read that unique language of Art.

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Paintings from the Soul